The Farmers Business Communication Center (BCC) is a centralized location that provides a high degree of efficiency and expertise concerning mortgagee requirements. Contact and mailing information for the BCC is provided below.
Farmers offers a variety of options for auto lienholder and fire mortgagee trading partners. We realize electronic processing is not always possible, but hope the following information will make you aware of the options available to you. After all, the insured is our mutual client and we both have a responsibility to them for accuracy and efficient service.
·Farmers offers daily transactions via EDI offering FTP, FTP with PGP Encryption and VAN.
·Internet access is available for viewing individual policy information and processing changes.
·Third party intermediary for sending and receiving automobile insurance notifications electronically.
Farmers Insurance offers EDI, List Bills or Individual Bills for hazard insurance renewals and following are the available options:
·Hazard insurance renewals via ASCX12, version 3030, 811/820 transaction sets through a VAN or FTP with PGP Encryption.
·Acquisitions, portfolio audits, and "no bill" or open items via ASCX12, version 4010, 266/824 transaction sets.
·Acquisitions, portfolio audits, and "no bill" or open items via cart processing.
·Third party intermediary for sending and receiving hazard insurance billing and payments electronically.
·List bills available weekly via the ePartner website with the proper User ID and Password. List bills include escrowed and non-escrowed accounts.
·Internet access is available for viewing individual policy information and processing changes.
Farmers website allows Lienholders and Mortgagees to access information on mutual customers with the required User ID and Password. This information includes coverage amounts, current Lienholder/Mortgagee information and agent information. Lienholders and Mortgagees can also add, change or delete Lienholder/Mortgagee information on mutual customers.
In order to access the ePartner website there is a NDA (Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure and Data Access Agreement) that must be signed and returned. Once this is received, a User ID and Password is assigned to access the website. The information for this can be obtained through the contact details listed below OR please click here to access the NDA form online.
Farmers Group, Inc. has contracted a company to act as an intermediary for sending and receiving hazard insurance billings and payments electronically. They also send and receive automobile insurance notification electronically. This service is for the lenders who may not have the capability of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) via X12. If you would like further information on this, you may contact the Customer Service.
As always, Farmers is here to help. We are anxious to assist in anyway we can to facilitate implementation of new processes. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us the opportunity to help. Our contact information is listed below.
  Customer Service   Phone: (913) 227-8700
  Fax:     (208) 915-3531
  Correspondence only   Farmers Insurance Group
  PO BOX 2602
  Grand Rapids, MI 49501
  Premium Payments   Farmers Insurance Group
  Payment Processing Center

  PO Box 913
  Carol Stream, IL 60132-0913
  Overnight Payments   Farmers Insurance Group
  c/o Citi-Bank Lockbox Operations
  8430 W Bryn Mawr Ave 3rd Floor
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