Billing and Correspondence Address Change

Effective immediately, we have changed our address for Auto and Fire Hazard correspondence. We ask that you please update the correspondence address in your system to the following for all mailings except payments:

Farmers Insurance
PO Box 2602
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Fire Hazard payments should be sent to:

Farmers Insurance Group
PO Box 0991
Carol Stream, IL 60132-0991

Your assistance in this matter will provide the timeliest and most efficient processing of your requests. We appreciate all efforts in separating the "correspondence only" items from the "payment" items. Thank you for your scooperation in this matter.

Error Screen on Log In

If you are receiving an error when logging in with our user ID that displays a red header and says 'Test, Please Enter you user name and password below', please do the following to log in.

Please note that this issue happens most often with the Internet Explorer browser. This webpage works best with Chrome or Firefox browsers.

ePartner Lender Website Enhancements

Effective June 14, updates to the ePartner lender website require users to enter two separate criteria from a Farmers policy in order to view policy details or make changes to auto and home policies. This change was made to further enhance data security for Farmers customers. The required information includes two of the following:

1. policy number,

2. VIN (for Auto only)

3. policyholder last name or address.

Once the two pieces of information and the correct line of business have been entered and confirmed, navigation to the ePartner policy details page will continue. Before logging in for the first time, please clear the cookies and history from your browser (Tools>Internet Options>Delete Browsing History).


Why are two criteria required for policy searches? A new validation method has been put in place to further enhance data security for Farmers policyholders. Requiring two criteria provides for more accurate validation and retrieval of the correct policy.

May I use any combination of criteria for policy searches? For security purposes, the system will not allow a search by policyholder last name when combined only with the address. All other combinations are acceptable.

Is the List Bill process affected by this change? No. The List Bill process has not changed.

Is there a reference guide available? Yes. That guide will be published on June 14th in the links section.

Time out error in ePartner

Due to an update released by Microsoft, the ePartner website is logging users out and giving a time-out error message. This should be corrected in a future release by Microsoft, but until then users should either use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome, or if authorized, uninstal the KB2846071 update from Microsoft.

'Mark As Viewed' Indicator Fixed

The error affecting the 'Mark As Viewed' indicator for List Bill users has been fixed. You should now be able to mark list bill dates as viewed without having the system mark additional days.

Payment Issue for List Bill users

The issue affecting the 'Pay Now' functionality for Mortgage List Bill users has now been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Changing your password

If you would like to change your password you can enter your user ID in the login field and click on the ‘forgot password’ link. On the next page you will need to enter your current password as well as the password you would like to use. The new password must be at least eight characters and use at least one number. If you need to reset your password and don’t have your current password or need assistance, please contact customer service at 913-227-8700.

Top Lender Paperless Transition

As part of our commitment to the environment, Farmers is transitioning our Top Lenders to paperless billing. For lenders with more than 300 policies insured with Farmers, we will no longer be sending paper notifications. Instead, we will be offering two easy-to-use options to receive your notices electronically:

1. ePartner Website-List Bills

By visiting and entering your company's secure access code, you will instantly be able to view policy information you previously would have had to search for in paper files.

This option replaces the paper notices you are currently receiving. These include notices of new business, cancellations, reinstatements, renewals and policy changes.

The notices are updated daily and remain available for a minimum of 30 days. If a paper copy is necessary, you have the option of printing the notices as they are displayed. This option is available for both Hazard (Home) and Auto policies. This is a free service.

EDI-Electronic Data Interchange-ASC X12 Format

Notices can be sent electronically for new business, cancellations, reinstatements, renewals and policy changes.

If you do not 'track' insurance on your loans, we can transmit your relevant data to an electronic mailbox instead of sending paper copies, at no cost to you.

We would like to help you make a smooth and timely transition to one of these two options. Please contact us through the 'Sign Up' link to get a login ID.

List Bill

Have you heard about our List Bill option? Interested in saving paper? with List Bill we can 'turn off' the paper, including bills and changes sent to your mailroom. Instead you would be able to view policy changes, cancellations, new business and reinstatements online! You would even have the option to pay policies and bills by wire transfer or ACH payment. Help us 'Go Green' and sign up for List Bill today.

Nondisclosure Agreement

Our ePartner nondisclosure agreement references a term of three years. If you signed up for ePartner prior to 2006 and have not signed an amendment, please contact us to extend the term. Without signing the amendment ePartner access will be disabled.

ePartner Feedback

We constantly monitor feedback from the ePartner website. Please make sure to include your email address if you are asking questions regarding specific policies or problems. With this information we can contact you if we need additional information or have a resolution.